Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Lady Assails Use of Daughters' Images for Dolls

Ty Pays No Royalties To First Family

The Washington Post has pictures of the doll that have raised Michelle Obama's ire.
Ty recently released the 12-inch dolls in their collection called TyGirlz. The dolls have soft brown skin and big eyes. Ty's Web site shows Sweet Sasha wearing two pigtails and a pink and white dress, with Marvelous Malia doll wearing her hair to the right side and a blue-green shirt.

Nope, not a thing similar to the newest First Kids. At least not according to Ty:
The company, which is based in Oak Brook, Ill., has said the dolls are not made to be exact replicas of the first couple's daughters and are not based on the Obama girls.
They have nothing in common other than the name, gender, age, and ethnic origin. Nope, nothing. This is the most disingenuous product coincidence since the Baby Ruth bar. I'm not buying it. The story or the dolls.

(h/t to ScottyNuke)

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