Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silicon Valley Wants to Stay On the Road to Prosperity

Because The Road To Bankruptcy Is So Crowded Right Now

Daniel Lyons of the Washington Post reveals the secret business strategy of the computer industry. Guess what? It involves government money. And cheap imported labor.
Shane Robison, HP's chief strategy and technology officer, says he'd like to see the following: a permanent research-and-development tax credit, which would encourage tech companies to do more basic science research, which in turn would benefit everyone, not just the company that conducts the research; more government funding for basic science research; more spending on education; and changes in immigration laws to help foreign-born students who study in the United States to stay in the country afterward.
Lyons also pinpoints the problem with the U.S. auto industry that seems to have eluded everybody:
Detroit failed because it ignored or dismissed the threat from foreign rivals and kept making the wrong kind of cars.
Glad we got to the bottom of that mystery. And good luck with staying ahead of those lean hungry Asian engineers.

(h/t to DLD)

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