Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Report: alcohol fuels multiple sex partners, STDs

Beer Goggles Work

Urbanite reports that beer goggles work:
According to the report, heavy drinkers in the city tend to have more sex partners and are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases.
People who are influenced by alcohol are more likely to sleep with people they otherwise wouldn’t and use condoms incorrectly, Locker said.
The reaction has been stunning in the number of forehead slaps. New York magazine uses the headline "New Yorkers Who Drink Have More Sex Partners, Warns Survey" to issue this caution:
Oh no! So what you're telling us is that drinking increases the risk of getting laid? For the love of Betty Ford, gay dudes, put down those Cosmos unless you want to end up naked with a hot stranger!
And Gawker breaks the news this way:
Men who sleep with other men who claim to binge drink were twice as likely to have five or more sex partners in a year than those fruits what don't drank. (I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong...) Same applies to straight folks too, just in slightly lower numbers.
Somehow I think this study was secretly funded by the National Spirits Council.

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