Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Switch to Digital TV May Not Be as Smooth as Advertised

Old People To Be Confused When TVs Don't Work

In less than a month, and just a little after the Super Bowl, analog TVs will go blank. That may cause some chaos says the Washington Post.
In less than a month, on Feb. 17, all full-power stations plan to shut off analog signals and air digital-only broadcasts. Viewers with older analog TV sets will need to hook up a converter box to receive over-the-air programs.
But many consumers are discovering that upgrading to a digital set or adding a converter box may not be enough to get a reliable digital signal. Some will also have to buy more powerful antennas to install in living rooms or on roofs, adding expense and frustration for the nearly 14 million households who rely on over-the-air signals.
Particularly hard hit will be the poor and the elderly and anyone's whose VCR (and they would still own a VCR) still blinks 12:00. Be ready for the screams all across the country of "Where's my Oprah?!"

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  1. Here in UK soon too. Ta for reminder, I was just about to but a new amp for the spare analogue TV in my office.